• Suitable for Early, First and Second Level

    A SSERC Meet is an online twilight session for multiple practitioners, at no cost to your setting.  Successful applicants will receive a resource kit to support the professional learning, as well as access to supportive online materials.  You and your colleagues will join us live on Teams to take part in a range of activities using the resource kit provided, and will be able to ask questions and share ideas during the session.

    The activities in this SSERC Meet will support two of the four main approaches to Science Enquiry described in CfE:

    • Observing & Exploring
    • Classifying

    These engaging, hands-on activities will also provide opportunities to consider progression from Early through to Second Level.

    Dates: 11th December 2024  3:30 – 5pm

    Closing Date: 8th November 2024


This SSERC Meet is designed for primary practitioners teaching First and Second Level learners.


This professional learning event is part of a range of STEM professional learning available from the Early Years and Primary Team at SSERC.

You and your colleagues will join us from your own setting for a twilight workshop, as we guide you through the activities online. The activities are designed to promote knowledge and understanding as well as providing great ideas for practical STEM. Help and advice can be sought during this live online event.

Course Leader

The Early Years and Primary Team at SSERC

01383 626070

Please contact us with any enquiries at primary@sserc.scot


This SSERC Meet comes at no cost to your setting.  All we ask is that you and your colleagues attend on the day and complete the register and evaluations, in order that we can improve our professional learning offer. 


SSERC have a long-standing strategic partnership with the Edina Trust. The Edina Trust are currently supporting all open SSERC Meet activity run by the Early Years and Primary team. The support from the Edina Trust has allowed us to increase the number of items in your resource kit. 

Please tag @EdinaTrust in any social media posts to share the impact their support has had on you, your colleagues and learners through practical STEM activities. 

The Edina Trust also support selected Local Authorities on a rolling 3 year programme.  To find out more, please see https://www.edinatrust.org.uk/science-grant-scheme 


To be able to link a range of activities to Science Enquiry approaches across Early, First and Second Levels.


To attend one twilight session delivered through Microsoft Teams.

To complete the register and evaluations.

This is a live, online session on Microsoft Teams. You and your colleagues will join us from your own setting – it is useful for practitioners to take part in the activities together.

A Teams link will be sent in advance to successful applicants, on acceptance of an offer of a place.