Saving the world with data: Data literacy across the BGE curriculum

Data Education in Schools and SSERC are offering an online course on data literacy

Data literacy is the ability to ask questions, collect, analyse, interpret, and communicate data. As technology makes it easier to collect vast amounts of data, the skills to use data to solve problems fairly and sustainably will become even more important for all citizens. This course, developed by experts in the field of digital and data literacy and primary teaching, is an innovative and exciting opportunity for professional development.

About the course

There will be five online sessions on Wednesday evenings, from 7pm – 9pm. You must commit to attending all five online sessions, plus engage with the self-study parts of the course.

Session 1 (21st February): Introduction to Data Literacy and the PPDAC data problem-solving cycle. This session will provide an overview of data literacy across the BGE curriculum, using hands-on activities to introduce the core ideas.

Session 2 (20th March): Data visualisations and STEAM. We’ll look at how to get creative with plugged and unplugged data visualisation activities.

Session 3 (24th April): Community data and mapping. How to collect, map, and access local and global data, including topics around sustainability.

Session 4 (22nd May): Fun with data in fictional worlds. Play with data using a deck of ‘Dragonistics’ cards, or in one of our data-themed escape rooms!

Session 5 (12th June 2024): Sensing our world. How to use sensor technology to collect data that matters to your learners. This session will also include information about how to take part in SSERC’s Young STEM Leaders Programme.

This is a “flipped classroom” course, aimed at teachers who teach learners at the Broad General Education stage in Scotland (or equivalent). You’ll prepare for each online session by reading articles and watching videos, and trying out hands-on activities. You’ll reflect on how your learners get on with data literacy activities and share your experiences with other teachers. There’s a month between each online session to give you a chance to reflect on the last one and prepare for the next. The course is not assessed. No need to worry about essays or exams—just focus on improving learning in your classroom.

The course will be taught by Professor Judy Robertson, Ms Kate Farrell, Dr Jasmeen Kanwal and other members of the Data Education in Schools team. Throughout the course we will explore:

  • The data problem-solving cycle.
  • How data can be used ethically to make decisions and improve our lives. 
  • Strategies for engaging and inclusive pedagogy.

Cost: £50. This includes a kit of learning resources that will be posted to you before the start of the course.

Before applying for a place please ensure you can commit to attending all five online sessions, plus you must spend time trying out the course materials at your school; take part in research data collection activities; and share your knowledge with other teachers.

Course Date: 21 February, 20 March, 24 April, 22 May, 12 June 2024

Closing Date: 31 January 2024

Course Leader

Course Leader

Norman Bethune

01383 626070


This course is an online course with some self study.