Part 1: – 5th February 2024 (face to face at SSERC)

Part 2: – 11th March 2024 (MS Teams – afternoon online session)

‘Robotical is on a mission to bring learning alive. We design and manufacture Marty the Robot – a walking, dancing, football-playing robot that’s full of character and helps introduce children to the world of coding and robotics in a fun, imaginative and engaging way.’ 

This course will provide an introduction to Marty V2, and how this fantastic resource can be used to enhance engagement in Computing Science principles and concepts across the primary setting. While this PL is targeted primarily at First/Second level, Marty V2 can be used as an unplugged Computing Science resource or with the Marty Jnr. blocks in the early years, and also cover outcomes into Third level and beyond. 

We will encourage hands on practical experience with Marty V2 through a full day, face to face session at SSERC, run by Education Managers from both SSERC and Robotical. During this session we will consider the full scope of Marty V2; from an unplugged resource, through to block based programming via the Marty app. We will look at how we can teach Computing Science concepts using Marty V2, help develop vital skills for life, learning and work, and consider the extensive teaching resources available to support.

There will also be a gap task to complete and a final afternoon live remote session using the Marty V2 resource provided for you to keep via the Enthuse funding (see Cost Tab below).

If you want to find out more, Robotical have produced a white paper and an article around the use of robots in the classroom:

6 Educational Benefits to Using Robots in the Classroom

The Benefits of Using Humanoid Robots in Education

Closing Date: 8th January 2024


For Educators working in and around First and Second level CfE, although this resource could be used to introduce Computing Science concepts across the entire primary setting, as well as into Third level and beyond.


This exciting professional learning practical course provides the opportunity for you to try out engaging Computing Science activities, and to consider how they can be transferred to your own setting.

Course Leaders

Kevin Reid (SSERC)

Ben Henderson-Palmer (Robotical)

Finlay Page (Robotical)


Face to face full day session at SSERC – Monday 5th February 2024

Live remote session on MS Teams – afternoon of Monday 11th March 2024

There will also be a Gap Task to complete via MS Teams.

Each successful applicant will receive an invite to a SSERC Ltd guest teams account.


The course fees are subsidised by ENTHUSE funding from STEM Learning. This fee covers the PL and the Marty V2 resources provided for you to keep as part of the course. SSERC will support you to complete the application process.   

Your setting pays for the course in advance, and once the course activities and evaluations are completed, you will be eligible for an ENTHUSE subsidy.  This subsidy is normally paid by STEM Learning 8 weeks after the course has been completed. 

Course cost:  £320

ENTHUSE subsidy:  £320 

Core outcomes covered:

Organiser:   Designing, building and testing computing solutions

TCH 1-14a  – I understand the instructions of a visual programming language and can predict the outcome of a program written using the language.

TCH 1-15a  – I can demonstrate a range of basic problem solving skills by building simple programs to carry out a given task, using an appropriate language.

TCH 2-14a – I can explain core programming language concepts in appropriate technical language.

TCH 2-15a  – I can create, develop and evaluate computing solutions in response to a design challenge.

Aim and objectives 

On completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Integrate the teaching of Computing Science concepts within your setting
  • Use Marty V2 to develop pupil knowledge and understanding of computational thinking
  • Plan, implement and evaluate learning opportunities for your learners using Marty V2