The aim of this course is to familiarise you with SSERC’s guidance on the safe use of electrical equipment in the science classroom. This guidance covers the use of low, high and extra high tension power supplies, batteries, Van de Graaff generators and activities using various components. It is not a course about PAT inspections, wiring or repairs.

This is a new type of course where you access materials online and work your way through them at your own pace. There are self-check quizzes to try as you go along. You will have a named tutor to contact if you need clarification on any of the content. When you are ready, you will carry out an activity using electrical equipment or electricity and send a brief report (which could be in the form of a video) to your tutor.

You must start the course on or before the closing date. You must complete your assignment by the submission deadline shown below.


Submission Deadline:

  • 29th March 2024 (Apply before 29th February 2024)


Secondary science teachers and technicians


Many activities in school science require the use electrical equipment. This course examines the equipment in use in schools and discusses suitable control measures for these activities.

Course Leader

Gregor Steele
01383 626070






Learn about the uses of electrical equipment and electricity in Scottish secondary school science classes.
Learn about the control measures to use in activities involving electricity.

Why Should You Attend?

Many activities involving electricity and electrical equipment have hazards associated with them but by following SSERC guidance, the risks can be made small.


A self-study guide will be emailed to participants.


Participants should start the course no later than the closing date and finish it by the course date. Successful completion involves reporting on an activity undertaken by the participant. Full details will be emailed to applicants.