Part 1 of 3-part SSERC Meet

SSERC Assessment and Progression in Primary Science – SSERC APiPS – showing progression across Early, First and Second CfE Levels

A SSERC Meet is an online interactive twilight session designed for multiple practitioners in your setting to take part in practicals and discussions at the same time.

SSERC Meets come at no cost to your setting with successful applicants receiving a box full of resources to support the professional learning, as well as access to supportive online materials.  You and your colleagues will join us live on Teams to take part in a range of activities using the resource kit provided.

Asking questions, sharing findings and suggestions and ideas are all part of the SSERC Meet experience during the session.

This 3-part SSERC Meet (with attendance mandatory at each part) provides the opportunity for you and your colleagues to explore a range of activities and examples that can support the teaching and assessment of scientific enquiry. The course builds upon the work of the Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) project and includes consideration of new pupil work collections to support progression across the school.

Please only apply for this SSERC Meet if you can attend all 3 sessions.

Part 1

Introduces the Focused Assessment approach and invites you to try out one of the activities in class before the next session.

Part 2

Focuses on formative use of assessment in class, including discussion in the chat about what you have tried out, together with the sharing of new examples from TAPS and SSERC APiPS.

Part 3

Considers progression through the primary school, utilising examples from different age groups to support discussion about what it looks like to ‘get better’ at doing scientific enquiry.


Part 1:  3:30-5pm  12th November 2024

Part 2:  3:30-5pm  25th or 27th February 2025 (attend on one date)

Part 3:  3:30-5pm  13th or 15th May 2025 (attend on one date)

Closing Date: 23rd September 2024


This course is designed for Early Years and Primary Teachers.


This 3-part SSERC Meet is part of a range of STEM professional learning available from the Early Years and Primary Team at SSERC.

You and your colleagues will join us from your own school or setting for 3 twilight sessions across the year, as we guide you through the activities online. The activities are designed to promote knowledge and understanding as well as providing great ideas for practical STEM. Help and advice can be sought during the live online sessions.

Course Leader

The Early Years and Primary Team at SSERC in partnership with Prof. Sarah Earle

01383 626070

Please contact us with any enquiries at


This 3-part SSERC Meet comes at no cost to your setting.  All we ask is that you and your colleagues attend all 3 parts and complete the register and evaluations, in order that we can improve our professional learning offer. 


SSERC have a long-standing strategic partnership with the Edina Trust. The Edina Trust are currently supporting all open SSERC Meet activity run by the Early Years and Primary team. The support from the Edina Trust has allowed us to increase the number of items in your resource kit. 

Please tag @EdinaTrust in any social media posts to share the impact their support has had on you, your colleagues and learners through practical STEM activities. 

The Edina Trust also support selected Local Authorities on a rolling 3 year programme.  To find out more, please see 


To explore and reflect on a range of activities and examples that can support the teaching and assessment of scientific enquiry, building a shared understanding of progression in primary science.


Attendance at 3 live twilight sessions delivered through Microsoft Teams and completion of the register and evaluations.  Please see dates above.

These are 3 twilight sessions on Microsoft Teams. You and your colleagues will join us from your own school or setting – it is useful for practitioners to take part in the activities together.

A Teams link will be sent in advance to successful applicants, on acceptance of an offer of a place.