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SSERC is a Local Authority shared-service providing support across all thirty-two Scottish Education Authorities. Our services are available to elected members and officers of Local Authorities, teachers, student teachers and technicians.  In addition, the majority of FE colleges and independent schools within Scotland are members of our organisation. Find out more about SSERC in our information leaflet.


STEM Strategy (adapted from

The Scottish Government has published a STEM Education and Training Strategy for Scotland for consultation, seeking views on its approach to delivering a high quality education and training offering, across the education system.  The draft Strategy has two aims: 

- To improve levels of STEM enthusiasm, skills and knowledge in order to raise attainment and aspirations in learning, life and work. 

- To encourage the uptake of more specialist STEM skills required to gain employment in the growing STEM sectors of the economy, through further study and training.

At a recent meeting held in SSERC, Professor Sheila Rowan (the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government), encouraged all those with an interest in science education to respond to the consultation. SSERC has produced its own response to the consultation and this can be accessed here together with additional material in an associated appendix.


Storage and disposal of chemicals – 2,4-dintrophenyl hydrazine


In response to recent reports of issues related to the storage of 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazine we have produced detailed guidance for schools.  This guidance can be accessed here.


We have received a number of calls/enquiries about methods of disposal of 2,4-dintrophenyl hydrazine and we have recently published guidance which can be accessed here.


On a broader front, there have been a few incidents in schools recently resulting from the incorrect storage/management and/or monitoring of chemicals.


We published an article about flammables and their storage in a recent issue of the SSERC Bulletin and we will be following this up in our Spring 2017 issue with a reminder that chemicals need to be stored and managed effectively; we will also detail how this can be achieved. There are good safety and economic reasons why this should happen. Poor storage conditions can cause, or increase the rate of, deterioration of the chemicals and this can lead to them becoming ineffective or in some cases more hazardous. 


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