Here are guides to some of the core experiments for Advanced Higher courses. There are also ideas on performing core experiments in our Wiimote® and Tracker guides on the main AH page.

Central acceleration and angular velocity

This uses a wireless accelerometer. If you don’t have one, download the Wiimote® guide on the main AH page.

Download the activity here

Central force and angular velocity

Here we have worked out the masses and radii that give reasonable results for the “whirling bung” experiment.

Download the activity here

Force on a current-carrying wire

Uses standard lab equipment.

Download the activity here

Other experiments

This booklet covers Newton’s Rings, e/m, Wedge fringes, the Doppler Effect (but see the new activity on our Higher pages), electromagnetic braking, moment of inertia and polarisation.

Download the booklet here

Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

This is very similar to quantum tunnelling.

Download the guide here

Classical Analogue of the Uncertainty Principle

You can use apps to show that, for a sound wave, as the uncertainty in time decreases, the uncertainty in frequency increases. This then links to the Uncertainty Principle via the equation E = hf.

Download the guide here