Searching For MeaningThis resource was produced by Science and RME teachers from Cathkin High School in South Lanarkshire. It is an outcome from a project which was funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, managed by SSERC and evaluated by SCRE (Scottish Centre for Research in Education). The RME and science departments at Cathkin High School worked together to produce the activity. Their aim was to promote an informed discussion about stem cells and use an innovative technique to ensure that their pupils entered this discussion with a wide, global perspective of the topic. Although ‘stem cells’was the final topic chosen for discussion, the technique which was developed could be used for any other controversial topic.

The resource is provided in 3 sections.  Each section can be accessed from the links below:

       Teacher Guide

       The Children

       The Maps

       The Atlas of Faiths

       The Flags

       The Lifestyle Boxes – Target Cards

       The Religions – A History

       The Bank Notes

       The Cost of Living

       Stem Cells – Fact Sheet

       Stem Cells – Card Sort

       Stem Cells – Religions

       Philosophical Enquiry