Over the past 10 years at SSERC we have been producing activities which help teachers to encourage meaningful discussion about scientific issues. One of the areas which we have been developing supports science and health issues such as Vaccines and Vaccination. These activities are based around a series of resources which were made possible with funding from the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust (now known as the Primary Science Teaching Trust).

We strongly recommend that initially you look through the Teacher’s Guide and then access the other files as required. As described in the Teacher Guide there are 3 parts to the activity:

Part 1 consists of a series of Help Cards and a Pupil Sheet

Part 2 consists of a piece of dialogue – page 2 of the Pupil sheet and a  film clip – ‘Surprise Attack‘, (you can download from the link or find it on Youtube here  or you can watch it at the bottom of the page).

Part 3 consists of a series of Agree or Disagree cards.