Over the past 10 years at SSERC we have been producing resources which help teachers to encourage meaningful discussion about scientific issues. This resource was made possible with funding from the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) and is aimed at upper primary and secondary school pupils and their teachers.

This resource supports the new Scottish National 4 Biology course and the following CfE outcomes:


  • I can explain some of the processes which contribute to climate change and discuss the possible impact of atmospheric change on the survival of living things [SCN 3-05b].
  • I can predict the impact of population growth and natural hazards on biodiversity [SCN 4-01a].

Social Sciences

  • I can discuss the environmental impact of human activity and suggest ways in which we can live in a more environmentally-responsible way [SOC 2-08a].
  • I can identify the possible consequences of an environmental issue and make informed suggestions about ways to manage the impact [SOC 3-08a].

We strongly recommend that initially you look through the Teacher Guide and then access the other files as required.  The complete resource consists of 7 files each of which can be accessed by clicking on the links below: