A biobank stores human biological samples and medical information for use in research. Biobanks are an important resource in medical research, associated with developments in genomics and personalized medicine.  

Science teaching requires the integration and inclusion of the associated social, ethical and moral issues. Exploration of such issues helps young people to develop lines of critical thinking and analysis, thereby enabling them to deal with cross-curricular socio-scientific issues in a balanced way.  

The aim of this type of teaching therefore, is to help young people to approach a scientific issue with an understanding of why this is a controversial topic where many people have differing views. Young people then may be able to understand these differing views and why they have developed, and be able to take up an informed position based on understanding and evidence. 

This activity comprises- 

  • Teacher Guide 
  • A pupil sheet 
  • ‘Help cards’ with background information about DNA
  • Envelope items 
  • Movie clips telling 3 stories 

We strongly recommend that initially you look through the Teacher’s Guide and then access the other files as required.

Click Here for  Help Cards and a Pupil Sheet

Click Here for  Resource Envelope

Click Here for  Movie Clips

Alternatively you can watch the videos below.