Click here for the videoSTOP PRESSTeacher Guide for Science Topic is now available for free download. The ‘Forensic Rookies’ Project is more formally known as the Scottish Islands and Mainland Science and ICT Project. It is a compilation that shows how the project evolved across six schools. It highlights different aspects of curriculum for excellence, identifies some of the strengths and limitations, and uses teacher voice and pupil work to document project impact and output. The project was funded by a grant from the Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust and the project was managed by Prof. Susan Rodrigues of the School of Health, Community & Education Studies at Northumbria University. She comments on their experience :-

“The GLOW meet was a mixed bag, two schools had technical difficulties, we had nine linking in, with all having to report question, present, etc.  Despite the technical glitches, all the pupils thought the GLOW meet, and having an opportunity  to chat real time with others, was great. They loved it, despite the glitches. They also very much enjoyed the ‘written’ chat opportunity on the GLOW site set up for the duration of the project.

The project has grown arms and legs, with the teachers taking it forward in different ways. This, again, is lovely to see. The Shetland teachers are rolling it out to involve all primaries in their cluster. The P and K teachers have involved the Blairgowrie HS cluster and have signed up all their primaries to allow each of their secondary classes to hook up with one of their feeder primary schools, and WL have used it with a transition day for primary pupils visiting the school before the summer hols.

Here are the the individual vodcasts for each school :-

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