Football field

A Level Playing Field – an activity to encourage discussion and debate in the classroom.

The implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) provides a timely opportunity to consider the way in which aspects of science are taught in our schools and to provide a range of different experiences. The Sciences: Principles and Practice paper for CfE calls for a variety of approaches to be used in teaching and learning including:

  • use of relevant contexts, familiar to young people’s experiences
  • collaborative learning and independent thinking
  • emphasis on children explaining their understanding of concepts, informed discussion and communication.


Over the past 10 years at SSERC we have been producing activities which help teachers to encourage meaningful discussion about scientific issues. These activities presented here are based around a series of resources which were made possible with funding from  the Primary Science Teaching Trust

This discussion activity, aimed at upper primary and early secondary levels, challenges the pupils to consider fairness in sport.


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