There are a number of free high quality, curriculum linked online resources available to support the teaching and development of the Computer Science curriculum, click on the links below to discover if any of these resources can support you. has lots of engaging, free coding games to develop the underpinning principles of computer science. Educators can create a log in for their classes and assign relevant activities and tutorials to be completed, allowing teachers to keep track of progress and highlighting who may need extra support.


Scratch is a block based coding environment that is widely used in education. The Scratch website was redesigned and relaunched in January to enable it to be run using a web browser without Flash. As part of the refresh, there are a number of video tutorials that guide users through different projects.

Google CS First

Google have released a Computer Science curriculum that uses Scratch. These video tutorial allow you to build important skills in a supporting and progressive way.

Barefoot Computing

Barefoot Computing is an invaluable resource for introducing or teaching Computer Science at a range of curricular levels. On the website you can access unplugged lessons, ideal for situations where access to digital devices is limited. There are also a range of “plugged in” lessons to help develop the foundational computer science principles.

Code Club

Code Club resources allow you to taking your Coding to the next level. The website allows you to access a PDF’s to scaffold learning an development using block based coding for Scratch and Microbit, but also using Python and HTML and CSS. The resources available through Code Club are enough to stretch your most able programmers!