FlameTestTornadoOther tests for common anions and cations can be found here (Testing for Ions)

Here are some methods for generating flame colours which give better results than the traditional nichrome wire.

  • Using a spray bottle into a flame,
  • Dissolving salts in methanol
  • Absorbing them onto a sugar lump

Small spray bottles can, we are informed by Dr Bunhead, be made from Fruit Shoots.

For generating a longer-lasting flame colour, various methods are described in an article in SSERC Bulletin 178 – Here

Spray bottle Flame Colours

Spray Bottle Flame Colours – Risk Assessment

Methanol Flame Tests

Methanol Flame Tests – Risk Assessment

Sugar Lump Flame Tests

Sugar Lump Flame Tests – Risk Assessment

Wooden splint flame tests

Wooden splint flame tests – Risk Assessment

(The image shows strontium salts being sprayed into a flame tornado)