We are delighted that as from 1st April 2020, SSERC will assume responsibility for the STEM Ambassador programme for the East of Scotland.  During this transition period of STEM Ambassador East activity into SSERC, all those who use this important STEM network will receive the same support for ambassador activities as would normally be usually expected.

We have ambitious plans for STEM Ambassador East @SSERC  that build on the achievements of STEM East who managed the East of Scotland programme for the last 12 years.

Our logo for this new and exciting venture is set as the feature image for this news item.   Contact details for STEM Ambassador East @SSERC are provided below:

general e-mail: sae@sserc.scot

general phone: 01383 626070  Ex.218/226

Twitter: @SAESSERC

We will be providing additional information about STEM Ambassador East tomorrow – our official launch day.