To coincide with the launch of our new website, we have taken the opportunity to revise our corporate logo. The ‘feel’ and colour of the logo will feature strongly in the revised website, but also in all associated corporate branding and marketing materials.    The three circles represent the three main functions delivered by SSERC:

  1. Health and safety advice for schools and Local Authorities, enabling hands on experiential learning in the classroom.
  2. Professional development programmes for science and technology  teachers, technicians and managers.
  3. STEM engagement, connecting STEM professionals with young people to bring STEM subjects alive through real life experiences

The look and feel of the logo is fresh, clean and modern with the burnt orange colour picked up from one of the gradiated orange tones in the old logo.  The old logo will  be gradually withdrawn from service  over the news few months.    Look out for the new signage at our Dunfermline headquarters.