The School STEM Technician – No 2 Complete

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An introduction from Alastair MacGregor, CEO of SSERC


Find your STAC representitive.

Professional Learning


Case Study: Inverclyde Council SSERC Accredited Centre

Learn about Inverclydes jouney to becoming a SSERC Accredited Centre, offering
SSERC SCQF credit and levelled courses.

Tech Meets

Missed the last series of online Tech Meets. Watch again here.

Technician Professional Learning at SSERC

Find out about courses coming up at SSERC

Heart of Glass

All you need to know about your laboritory glassware.

Technicians Corner


Reflections of a college technician

The second in a series of profiles.

Why become a STEM Ambassador?

Find out more about STEM Ambassadors.

Health and Safety update


Laser cutters

Make sure your Laser Cutter is suitable for educational use.


Get the most out of your Laboritory Glassware.

HSE and Radpro

Stay in line with the regulations with regards to working with Radioactive Sources/

SSERC and Biology

Stay safe in the biology department.