Complete Primary Bulletin 89

Micro:bit – Huge Potential

The Experiences and Outcomes in the Technologies area of Curriculum for Excellence were refreshed in March 2017. A key focus of the refresh was the introduction of organisers relating to Computer Science and Digital Literacy to reflect the rapidly changing prevalence and central position of digital technology within our society.

This article introduces some simple ways to get your pupils familiar with this technology.

The Young STEM Leader (YSL) Programme: FAQs

A companion article to that in the previous Bulletin, introducing the Young Stem LEaders (YSL) programme.

This one aims to answer some of the questions that you may still have.

Complete Primary Bulletin 90

Adapting to Covid-19

The changes we have made at SSERC and the help we can offer you in these difficult times.

Microbes for Minors

Winter is coming, bringing with it the increased likelihood of the spread of coughs and colds. It is now more important than ever to emphasise the importance of good hygiene, both in and out of the classroom. Currently there is an understandable focus on the coronavirus COVID-19 but there is so much more to find out about the often “secret” world of microbes.

ASE 2021 Conference

After the disappointing but understandable cancellation of this year’s conference, we have news of next year’s The conference will take place on Saturday 13th March 2021 at the Edinburgh Academy.

The STEM Ambassador programme in Scotland

Did you know that there are thousands of volunteers across Scotland ready to help bring STEM subjects to life in
primary schools?

Becoming a tutor assessor for the Young STEM Leader Programme

Supporting young people to complete a Young STEM Leader Award is an excellent way to engage your whole learning community with STEM. It is easy to become a Tutor Assessor (TA) and start delivering the Young STEM Leader Programme (YSLP) straight away.

Catherine Milne – P4/5 teacher at Avoch primary school

Cath is a Young STEM Leader Tutor Assessor. She and her YSLs took part in the pilot of YSLP with 23 young people gaining a YSL2 Award. She even supported an S6 Young STEM Leader from Fortrose Academy to gain a YSL6 Award. Cath is now starting year two of her delivery of the programme and has shared her YSLP experiences with the Project Team at SSERC.

Cyber resilience and internet safety

As educators and pupils are spending more time online, it is more important than ever that everyone knows how to stay safe, manage risk and communicate appropriately using digital tools. This programme has been developed in collaboration with the Scottish Government and Education Scotland.