Primary Bulletin 43 complete

Materials – Properties, sorting, UV beads, memory metals

Materials – Paper chromatography, elements, Topical Science

Materials – Topical slime, gloop, colour-changing milk

Return of the Gap Task

Primary Bulletin 44 complete

Scottish Science in the News

Using senses

Bat Techniques could find tumours

Bat Scent Activity

Science Centres

What can we Learn from growing Plants?

How does the pressure of the air in a ball affect its speed when rolled across the floor?

How does the shape of an object affect its speed?

Sounds of the sand dunes

Bubble stuff

Thirsty Work: Just what is in bottled water?

Primary Bulletin 45 complete

Activities to promote discussion around scientific issues

Who Says Friction’s a Drag?

Camcorders for Classroom Use

Plants for primary pupils (SAPS publication)

Games, Literacy, Creativity, Numeracy, Investigations