Primary Bulletin 39 complete

Water, water everywhere

Did you know?

Some water related activities

Salty & fresh / salt water tester

Surface tension

Floating insects and metal

Water zip-wire, Simple syphon

Bending a stream of water

Pouring oil on troubled waters

Acid rain, Flushed away

Primary Bulletin 40 complete

All I need is the air that I breathe…

A hair-raising experiment

Blow up that sausage

Balloon balance

Blow round the glass

Put some fizz in your life

Making gas

Put out that fire

The ‘Fair Test’

Primary Bulletin 41 complete

Get ready for lift off

Blow up that sausage II

Balloon hovercrafts

Digital video cameras

Primary Bulletin 42 complete

Primary Science CPD highlights

Experiences & Outcomes within Planet Earth

Bottle top bugs,

copter design,

Plants Matter — a little taster,

Winter mindmap,


Melting and Freezing,

Ice is nice

Sunshine, Shadows and Stone Circles