Primary Bulletin 35 complete

Nature’s numbers – Fibonacci frolics

Measuring ourselves

Fun with Forens

Primary Bulletin 36 complete

36 Summer 2006

The answer, my friend?

Blades and wind turbines

Finding the direction of the wind

Strength of the wind or windspeed

Mini kites — an alternative to windsocks

School wind turbines

Model wind turbine

Let’s get cooking!

DIY solar cooker

Heating water & cooking with solar power

Primary Bulletin 37 complete

Put some colour into your life

Audacity mind map – adopt an audacious approach to the study of sound

Dyeing for a change of look?

Go natural! Dyeing cotton fabric

Using acids & alkalis for more interesting effects

Primary Bulletin 38 complete

PScience is just magic!

Under pressure, Get a grip

King of Spades holds back the water!

Magic carpet?

Tricking your brain

About face

Eye eye Sir

Good, good, good, ‘good vibrations’

A bird in the hand

Paper power

Santa felled