Primary Bulletin 5 complete

Water, water. – minibeasts

But, is it clean?

What, a gas?

Keep cool!

It droppeth from. . . ? – evaporation & rain gauge

Primary Bulletin 6 complete

Time measurement

Me and my shadow

That sinking feeling

Water Clocks and Clepsydra

Time is but a passing shadow

DIY sundial

Carpe Diem

Primary Bulletin 7 complete

Fair, drawin’ in?

Roamin’ and the gnomon

To every season: turn, turn

Teacher centred system

Planetary sizes

Even farther out – night sky

Primary Bulletin 8 complete

Wind, windpower and windmills

Harnessing the wind

Windmills of the mind

Blow the wind Southerly

Seize the moment

Power from the wind