Bulletin 199 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) News and comment

Just one more to go – Penultimate bulletin issue in present format, More on the web, No more NOFin’ (New Opportunities Fund) for now, ‘Sensation’ – a new Science Centre in Dundee, Other science centres

4(2) SSERC Website

Changes and updates

5(3) Safety Notes Solder flux fume control

Until the results from some Health and Safety Executive (HSE) research programmes are published and guidance is issued by the HSE, it may be prudent to hang fire on investing on local exhaust ventilation (LEV) equipment for solder fume control.

6(4) lonising Radiations Regulations 1999

A major revision of these Regulations, first introduced in 1985, has taken place. The changes of significance to schools and colleges are reported.

7(5) Protactinium generator

Most generators will by now have reached the end of their recommended working life. Harris generators may be used, subject to provisions, for a few more years. School-made generators should be rebottled. (The advice in this article is out of date. School-made protactinium generators are no longer sanctioned by SSERC)

8(6) False nails – fire hazards in the lab?

Summary of an article in the Journal of Chemical Education.

9(7) Revised Management Regulations

Guidance for employers on the revisions to these regulations.

9(7) Educational use of E.coIi

Time to clarify the current position on the educational applications of this organism.

10(8) Thermistor circuits with a PC

Adaptations to an earlier application of thermistors with Acorn BBC computer equipment are described. Circuitry for detecting minor changes in human skin temperature is modified to allow the use of devices interfaced with PC platforms.

11(9) Adapting Unilab light gates for a PASCO Interface

How to modify Unilab light gates for use with PASCO devices.

12(10) Data Studio – software review

Data Studio is the first of a new generation of software for use in data logging and analysis. It sets a very high standard for graphical presentation and analytical tools, which perhaps no rival package currently can emulate. Whilst most of the program is intuitive in operation, parts of it are not. Is this an Achilles heel, bringing condemnation on a package which, in the main, is delightfully simple with which to work?

14(12) Bioreactors – an update

Ongoing activity, part of the SAPS Scotland Biotechnology Education Project, is reported. An overview of the aims of this initiative and its curricular contexts is provided and some possibilities for the future indicated.

20(18) Methods and apparatus for showing Boyle’s law.

Different apparatus setups for demonstrating Boyle’s Law.

24(22) Microscale Vacuum Apparatus

New apparatus comprising a small bell jar and vacuum pump is reviewed. The report includes a description of using the apparatus to measure the density of air and to show Boyle’s law.

28(26) Enzymes — Hazards and Labelling

How to interpret MSDS for enzymes.

29(27) Science Strategy Report

A brief summary of the report.

30(28) Pressure and depth in fluids

A revision of the HSDU version for showing the dependence of fluid pressurewith depth and recommendations on suitable sensors.

31(29) Unilab I 3 V Stepped Power Supply

Review and troubleshooting.

32(30) Signal generators and capacitative loads

Troubleshooting the issue.

33(31) Diffraction gratings – Don’t believe what it says

Issues with inaccuracies regarding the number of lines per inch.

34(32) Slime – What’s that?

A brief description of PVA slime and why you might want to use it.

35(33) Modern apprenticeships for laboratory technicians in education

36(34) Equipment offers

Bulletin 200 complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) News and comment

See me! See DTP – nae PC, Dates for diary, Spam Emails, Pearls before swine, SQA debacle, Bulletin back issues

5(3) Safety Notes

HSE update on MDF. Replacement for BS 5304, Health and Safety in D&T Health and safety law posters.

6(4) Balance review

Recently SSERC tested nine commercially available balances, all of which are aimed at the school and college market. This article reports the findings of that test programme. Best buys are provisionally indicated.

15(13) More safety notes

Safety sources for technology, Prosecution after technology incident, Active braking and workshop machinery, Pressure systems Regulations.

17(15) A recipe for CPD

Notes from a Scottish Biotechnology Summer School

18(16) Gas pressure apparatus

Test reports and experimental details on various new gas pressure apparatus.

27(25) Safety Notes

Leaflet for governors, school boards and heads, Work experience – organiser’s guide,
Mobile ‘phones safety, Safe use of gas cylinders

28(26) Trade News

Glass gas syringes, 3-way stopcocks, DJB microtech

29(27) Equipment offers.

32(30) Endpieces

Last of the line (Final Bulletin in this format), Emerging E-groups, Change on the way?

33(31) Index, Bulletins 190 to 200

Front cover illustration Artist’s impression – aerial view of the Glasgow Science Centre complex with IMAX cinema and revolving tower Pacific Quay, Glasgow. IMAX open now, Science Centre due to open Spring 2001.