Bulletin 196 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Introduction

SSERCyber-swans, SSERC News – membership etc, New appointment (Fred Young)

4(2) Opinion

IT butters no turnips?

5(3) Safety Notes

Extension leads, Lasers, more misuse, ‘Six-pack’ regulation changes

6(4) SSERCNet – ICT Development News

Centre staff have had to cope recently with major changes in SSERC’s information and communications technology. These developments are already leading to new products and have potential for improving SSERC services. Some of that recent development work is reviewed and illustrated. Further possibilities for the future are outlined.

11(9) SSAG Advisory Notes – ICT in Science Education

An article developed from a paper originally drawn up by a working party of the Scottish Science Advisory Group (SSAG).

15(13) Simple science surfer’s guide

One of several useful handouts picked up at the ASE Conference “ICT and Science Education’ (which preceded the 1999 UK Annual Meeting) was a single piece of A4 entitled : ‘Topical Tips – Using the Internet’. We have adapted this for our own use here in the Centre.

16(14) Projectile launcher

Physics is fun! Or it certainly should be with apparatus like this. Once you have aimed, it can reliably lob projectiles into a coffee cup at five metres.

21(19) New pupil oscilloscope

We review a “user friendly” dual trace oscilloscope recently designed for schools by Waugh Instruments.

24(22) Problems with Benedict’s reagent

Negative or unclear results with the use of this, and similar reagents, for the reduction of carbonyl compounds, are reported and discussed.

27(25) Biological bits

New development officer (Kath Crawford), Sixth year tips- effects of lead, ideas for projects.

28(26) Solder flux fume

Because the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) has set a maximum exposure limit for rosin based solder flux fume, any exposure must be reduced to as low a level as practicable. Substituting a rosin-free solder may be the best option.

32(30) MOSFETs, diodes and photodiodes

A teaching order with the Edinburgh University / Motorola chips and JJM Project Board overlays is described.

35(33) PASCO interfaces and the iMac

36(34) Safety Notes

Health and safety policies, Health and safety policies, Be safe! reprinted, again, Clear phenolic disinfectants

38(36) A simple light gate

Designing a light gate is usually far from simple. A complex circuit design may well be preferable to the primitive one given here for operation with Unilab’s Motion QED.

39(37) Trade News – Irwin Desman in receivership

40(37) Equipment Offers

Bulletin 197 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Introduction

Nowt tae dae wi’ us!, Litarecy – an uphil urben strugle?, Scottish EA Membership, Summer Schools 2000, Diary dates

4(2) Opinion Bah millenium (hum) bug!

5(3) Interpreting safety advice

How to understand Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheets (msds)

6(4) Using gloves

There seems to have been some misunderstanding or misinterpretation of occasional advice to wear protective gloves for certain operations. We address the issue.

7(5) New Courses

Safety in microbiology, PlC Course

8(6) Peripheral Interface Controllers – PICs

Kits with PlC control chips of application in Scottish school curricula are reviewed. Some potentially rewarding, educational applications are outlined.

12(10) PICs again – The BASIC Stamp

Applications of the BASIC Stamp to technology courses in the earlier secondary years are outlined.

13(11) Comment – ICT Issues

14(12) News and announcements

SSERC Conference, New Frontiers in Science, School and University Links

15(13) Chemistry Equipment List

In the spirit of this apparent age of ICT dominance, we have updated and upgraded our Chemistry Equipment List to a set of fully functional spreadsheets.

16(14) Biology Notes Higher Still – hints and tips

Test papers for water, humidity etc., Finger maze designs, Anaesthetismg Drosophila, Plant pathology – Koch’s postulates

18(16) Colorimetry and Higher Still

An account of selected applications of a colorimeter in biology practicals included in the Higher Still Support Materials

21(19) Safety Notes

New fire precautions regulations, Hydrogen-oxygen explosions, New safety management standard 19

22(20)Gas law experiments: Part 1

A review of methods for showing the ideal gas laws V – p, V – Tand p – T, including test reports on gas law apparatus. There is a comparison of the relative efficacies of methods with and without computers. The review will be published in two or three parts. This first part looks at ways of showing Charles’ Law.

30(28) Trade news

Air Compressors, Microscope servicing

30(28) Sodium flames – again

31(29) Robot Wars – gearboxes

A note on recent evaluations of a number of inexpensive gearboxes, all under £5.00, which could be incorporated into the design of a robot buggy.

32(30) Equipment offers

Bulletin 198 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Introduction

Announcement – SSERC gets Approved Training Provider status, Highly rated, SAPS secondee, Summer school, ASE Scotland annual meeting

4(2) Editorial That old feng shui factor

5(3) ICT needs and science subjects

A paper from the Higher Still Development Unit is introduced and reprinted.

7(5) ICT in the Sciences

SSERC is the lead body in a Scottish Science Consortium which has gained Approved Training Provider status for ICT training in secondary science subjects in Scotland. An overview of the New Opportunities Fund scheme is provided and SSERC’s role and intentions within those arrangements are outlined.

8(6) Gas law experiments: Part 2

Methods and apparatus for showing the pressure-temperature law.

15(13) Practical work with ICT

When, and why, might the use of ICT in practical work be appropriate?

17(15) BASIC Stamp: Part 3

Further information is provided on ongoing work at Arbroath High School in which a peripheral interface controller is used for teaching control technologies.

22(20) Colorimeter review

Specifications, test procedures and results are summarised for colorimeters from Griffin, Philip Harris and WPA with a ‘best buy’ suggested.

30(28) Higher Physics: Electricity: Activity 21

A revised method for showing the inverting amplifier used to control a heavy load.

31(29) Odds and ends

An eclectic list of recently published resources and newish apparatus, which may be of interest. – Practical fermentation, Other biotechnology ‘stuff, Microscale Vacuum Apparatus, Stomp Rocket, DIVA Digital Spectrometer Solar Hydrogen Technology Kit

32(30) Equipment offers