Bulletin 193 complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Introduction

4(2) News and Comment

Tenth Edinburgh Science Festival, More for technicians, Non-tabloid papers from POST, CV tips

5(3) Managing risk assessment

Strategies are suggested for the implementation of measures to control risks in science departments.

7(5) Animals in schools

Advice about the rights and wrongs of keeping animals in schools.

8(6) Mobile stands for videos and monitors

An accident history with some types of monitor stands and trolleys has been brought to our attention. We review the incidents and offer advice.

9(7) Dynamics experiments with a digital camera

Continuous motion can be monitored in the laboratory, or even outdoors, by capturing images with a digital camera and downloading the data in real-time to a PC for immediate analysis.

12(10) VideoPoint

Having captured a movie sequence with a camera, the video images can be analysed with the software package VideoPoint, which provides quantitative data on distance and time.

14(12) Measuring iron in water and soil

A simple colorimetric procedure using 1,1 0-phenanthroline is described. Measurements in the field may be practicable.

17(15) Teaching Chip boards

JJM Electronics have designed a set of printed circuit boards with 4 mm socket outlets for use with the Edinburgh University Teaching Chip set.

18(16) Light intensity experiments

The Edinburgh University Teaching Chips have a set of photodiodes. These are suitable for showing the inverse square law of intensity against distance and lead into other investigations on the effects of diode area.

22(20) PicoScope

With PicoScope you can turn your PC into a virtual instrument for capturing and analysing experimental data.

25(23) GS23 electrical safety guidance withdrawn

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) withdrew Guidance Note GS23 Electrical safety in schools at the end of last year. We understand that they do not plan to replace it.

26(24) Reaction timer with the BASIC Stamp

BASIC Stamps are programmed in a simple version of the BASIC language, called PBASIC. A short program is described to illustrate features of PBASIC.

28(26) Young Persons Regulations

New regulations came into force last year to protect young persons at work.

29(27) Trade News

PASCO Atmospheric Pressure Demonstrator, Extra flexible test leads, Brass lampholders, Spillage trays, Suppliers merge, Heat experiments, Waugh Oscilloscope, Micromouse kit,

31(29) Resources

Education and industry, Science options file

32(30) Equipment Offers

Bulletin 194 complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Tae a moose Anon. – efter Rabble Burns

4(2) Introduction

Screivins in the leid, Questionnaires – thanks! Equipment matters

5(3) News and Comment

New biotechnology initiative, Phrases for appraisers, Diary dates, No comment

6(4) Microorganisms for investigations in schools and colleges

Revised listings of suitable micro-organisms to use.

1(9) Harris System SM

Comprising of a large range of SensorMeters, portable datalogger and software, the system may be used for measurement, data capture and analysis. This review looks at the Temperature and Radioactive Count Rate sensors and how System SM performs within those contexts.

16(14) Analysing graphs

With many data capture systems, there is a mathematical modelling facility letting you fit a standard curve to a set of data. An example is discussed.

18(16) Antibody-antigen reaction

A protocol included as part of kit developed at the Scottish Antibody Production Unit (SAPU) is described. The procedure provides a useful illustrative students’ practical on the role of antigens in inducing antibody production and the nature of antibody/antigen reactions.

22(20) Laboratory power supply

The Irwin Central Power Source has been designed to supply a whole laboratory with a low voltage supply.

24(22) Laboratory power supplies : portable units versus single source

A look at the wider matter of replacing lots of small, portable, power supplies with a central laboratory source.

25(23) Micro-centrifuge applications

An evaluation of a pre-production prototype of an inexpensive micro-centrifuge developed through the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) is briefly reported. School based, biochemical applications are suggested

26(24) Digital multimeters

A report on inexpensive digital multimeters.

30(28) News & Comment

Teaching Chip publications, Technicians’ SVQ, NCBE mailing list, Bulletin 193 on CD, POST report – Genetically Modified Foods, Scion of SOLSN, Urea assay modification

31(29) Trade News

New autoclave model, Spore test strips.

32(30) Equipment Offers

Front cover Final year project by a BTechEd student at Moray House Institute of Education model of automatic bottling plant.

Bulletin 195 complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Introduction

Christmas closure, Evaluation draw, Interactive HazMan is here, Reminder – ASE meeting, STOP PRESS – New SSERC Web Site

4(2) Comment

More beachcombings, More firsts, IT matters too

5(3) Accidents

Criteria for deciding when to report an injury under RIDDOR are explained in the following safety note.

7(5) Violence in education

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently has published an updated version of its guidance on this subject

7(5) Oxy-fuel gas equipment

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) have revised their Code of Practice

7(5) Fume cupboard advice revised

Design Note 29 has recently been extensively revised by the Architects and Buildings Branch of the Department for Education and Employment (DfEE) and re-issued as Building Bulletin 88

8(6) Nicholl Conductivity Bars

This new product comprises of a set of four similar bars of different metals with attached thermochromic strips for showing the conduction of heat.

10(8) Nicholl Radiant Heat Source

This is a newly designed radiant heater which operates off the mains. Our tests show that it is electrically safe. An ancillary kit of radiation absorption discs is also reported on.

12(10) Harris System SM: Part II:

Comprising of a large range of SensorMeters, portable datalogger and software, the system may be used for measurement, data capture and analysis. In Part I (Bulletin 194) were reviewed the Temperature and Radioactive Count Rate sensors as components of that overall system. This part of our review examines the conductivity and pH sensors and how System SM performs within those contexts.

17(15) Inexpensive pH measurement – the Turtle from Hanna

We review this fun and inexpensive but effective device.

18(16)  Data capture and processing

The following examples illustrate the different methods of data capture and various aspects of processing the results using Datadisc Pro software.

18(16) PKa determination for ethanoic acid by half neutralisation method

20(18) Onsager plots for strong & weak acids

22(20) Rate law of hydrolysis of 2-bromo-2-methylpropane

22(20) Pupil Investigations for chemistry

24(22) Microcentrifuge applications, Hill reaction

A demonstration of the Hill reaction with isolated chloroplasts makes use of a prototype microcentrifuge designed for the educational market.

26(24) Thermal conductivity of gases experiments

There are few, simple experiments showing that air is a poor conductor of heat. Most effects are confused by convection and other factors. Here we report on four experiments that may be suitable in general science courses. Three of these are pupil experiments; the fourth is a demonstration.

27(25) Coke can pan experiment

28(26) PET bottle experiment

30(28) Gaede’s water vapour insulation experiment

32(30) Leidenfrost effect

33(31) Electrical safety:

DB2000 electrical service system, Griffin powerpack 300, Netzgerat, Accidents with Mac 4400s

34(32) Van de Graaff generator problems

We report on some issues with Griffin models and suggest a company that will repair them.

35(33) Safety Matters

Exposure to ultrasound, Carbon dioxide cylinder accident, lonising Radiations Regulations revision, HSE and SEPA guidance, More COSHH amendments.

37(35) Machinery safety, BS 5304 declared obsolete

Although BS 5304 will still be available, it no longer applies to today’s new machinery.

38(36) News & Resources

Scottish technicians’ group, Field Studies : New Code of Practice, Chemistry teachers’ meeting, Biology education events, SAPS update, Resources for microbiology, Changes to DNA kit, Higher Still Sciences : R.I.S.E. On-line booksales.

40(38) Trade news

Specialist waste disposal, Fridges for flammables, Kyowa microscope spares, Microscope servicing, Balances – servicing and repairs

41( 39) Oscilloscopes

A sale by ballot of second hand, dual trace oscilloscopes is announced.