Bulletin 184 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Introduction

Leading article and acknowledgements, Materials testing kit, Comment

4(2) Lads o’pairts

A celebration of Scottish civil engineering

12(10) Portable appliance inspecting

This article provides a checklist of fault conditions to look for when visually inspecting portable electrical apparatus. The need for a maintenance programme to include informal as well as formal inspections is explained.

22(20) Materials testing

The need in technology courses for some first-hand, practical experience of the testing of materials and for the theoretical aspects of such work to be put into real engineering contexts is discussed. A testing kit from Unilab is reviewed.

26(24) Errata

Bulletin 183: Data Harvest, Philip Harris lamps

27(25) Announcements and notices

Managing health and safety, SSERC Graphics for PCs and Macs, Technology Enhancement Programme

28(26) Electrocardiograph simulator

An ECG simulator can be constructed from a couple of integrated circuits and some resistors and capacitors. It might either be a useful teaching aid in Biology, or a construction exercise in Electronics.

31(29) Loose Ends

Protein identification in foods, Phenol oxidases, Express autoclaves, BC lampholders for bench lamps

32(30) Surplus equipment offers

Bulletin 185 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) News

Technology education framework, Edinburgh Science Festival, ASE Scotland annual meeting, ASE technician membership, Satrosphere, Distance learning in electronics

5(3) Editorial

“Well, hello again – Heisenberg!”, If you see Schrödinger : Wave! W(h)ither Higher? “Per ardua” without the “. astra’?

7(5) The Cock and the Jasp

An essay looking back to the age out of which the Enlightenment sprang.

8(6) RCD Protection

The article explains why some form of supplementary protection from the electricity supply is often recommended in practical work areas.

13(11) HSE and HSC publications (COSHH etc) 11

14(12) Lithium cells

This note is to warn you of the dangers of using lithium cells. In fact they should not be used in any way at all in schools except in properly designed apparatus supplied by reputable manufacturers.

15(13) The differential amplifier

The purpose of the differential amplifier is widely misunderstood, it being far more than a mere difference amplifier. This article discusses its true function and describes ways of illustrating this.

22(20) More ways of timing projectiles

The Unilab Digital Scaler Timer can be triggered to start and stop timing by microphone. Different methods of using this facility to measure the time of flight of a projectile are compared.

25(23) Sulphur dioxide canisters

A new supplier for a less-expensive version.

26(24) Software News SSERC Graphics for PCs and Apple

27(25) News Reports

Biology ’95, What is a derivative? ASE (Scotland) Annual Meeting: Practical Workshops, DNA technology news

29(27) Protected MOSFET transistors

New fully-protected power transistors have been developed. Being nearly idiot-proof, they would seem to be very suitable for use in teaching electronics and control technologies in schools and colleges.

31(29) Safety Notes

Laser pointers, Be Safe! – Scottish Edition, SSERC safety courses

32(30)Trade News

Dry ice supplies, Pipette fillers, Ken Holyoake, Autoclave bags, Dispensing bottles, Storage cabinets for flammables

33(31) Vitamin C and phenol oxidases

34(32) Trade news

Information on paints, Changes of address, Change of owner, Changes of personnel

Bulletin 186 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) News and Comment

Rising accident trends, Revised HSE freebies, Give us a sign! Technology Teachers’ Association, Prosecution : Crown v. Bird, 1995, “. . . the Law is an ass!” James on education, Pedants revolt

5(3) Editorial

SSERC thirtieth anniversary

6(4) Solder fume control

The health risk from solder fume in soft soldering is assessed. A possible strategy for instigating control measures is suggested.

12(10) Portable fume displacement units

A review of two portable devices to deal with solder fumes.

13(11) Liquid-in-liquid drop formation

Alternative methods and substitute solvents for demonstrations which at one time utilised phenylamine are described.

14(12) Urea : an assay method for investigations

A method for estimating concentrations of urea in aqueous solution is described

16(14) Laboratory power supplies, Part I

In the start of a series of articles on laboratory power supplies we review a selection of products from two manufacturers, Electrosound and Unilab.

28(26) Supervision of practical and project work

Appropriate levels of supervision for senior school students are discussed in the context of the management of health and safety. Much of the advice may be applicable also to projects in further education.

30(28) COSHH amendments and microbiology

HSE may soon publish guidance on the detailed interpretation of the Biological Agents ACoP as it effects microbiology and biotechnology activities within Higher Education.

31(29) Safety Notes

Bovine eyeball dissection, Machine safety : BS EN 292, Be Safe! Scottish edition, Be Safe! INSET pack

32(30) Technicians’ news

New E1S Section for technicians, Vocational qualifications

33(31) Opinion

Gender issues

34(32) News and announcements

ASE Scotland Newsletter, CREST – congratulations! Lone engineer, More to come. . .? Laboratory design.

35(33) Trade News

Fermenter vessel repairs, Repairs – to body if not spirit, Mini-video cameras, Weather station

36(34) Equipment Offers