Bulletin 169 Complete

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3(1) Introduction

Apology, Dates for your diary (SABE Symposium, Technology Education Courses), TTA – change of name, SSERC Practical Guides, TVEI OLNET, Industrial Study Videos, Technicians in school science

5(3) Shell suits

We have been asked whether or not we consider such clothing to present a significant fire hazard in laboratories and practical rooms.

5(3) Asthmatics and practical work

Teachers of practical subjects should be made aware, through the school’s guidance and other procedures, of potential health problems in individual pupils.

6(4) “Competent persons”

We encourage educational managers to think more carefully about what constitutes competence to carry out certain tasks required by Health and Safety legislation. The position has now been elegantly clarified by Mr.J.A.W. McDonald, Head of HSE Policy Branch.

6(4) The HSC and Stress – correlation or causality?

The HSC publication: ‘Managing occupational stress : a guide for managers and teachers in the schools sector’,

7(5) COSHH Risk Assessments

Launch of “Preparing COSHH Risk Assessments for Project Work in Schools”,.

7(5) Autoclaves – liquid loads.

The  difficulty in ensuring sterility in larger liquid loads such as of the relatively large volumes of media required for work with fermenters.

8(6) Environmental Protection Act 1990

Another piece of legislation aimed mainly at others but which may cause some problems for schools.

10(8) Electronics “Systems Boards” – Friend or Foe?

The results of a SSERC survey are summarised. Information and comment on reliability, ease of use and effective learning are presented.

14(12) Standard Grade Biology -more practical tips

Testing river water for bacteria – various methods.

16(14) An Ultrasound Project

A method for transmission of information, analogue and or digital, through water, using the medium of ultrasound. Obviously it was desirable that costs should be kept to a minimum.

20(18) DIY Computer Interfacing III

This is the third in a series of articles which will be of interest to anyone who wants to build their own interfaces for BBC Model Bs, Masters, or Archimedeses, for datalogging or control.

23(21) Bench power supplies for electronics

We report on voltage regulated bench power supplies for use in electronics.

28(26) Interfacing – the datalogger cometh

This article provides an up-date on the main developments in commercial equipment and software for science and technology interfacing since our last such review article in 1986.

21(29) Three dataloggers reviewed

LogIT – Griffin & George v Sense & Control,  Educational Electronics v Simple logger, Unilab

PP 40(38) – 43(41) are missing

42(40)Computer choice – again

43(41) Surplus equipment offers

46(44) SSERC Publications and Graphics Library

Bulletin 170 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Opinion I


4(2) Introduction

Summer opening, Cheerio, Clive!, Errata in B169, Reason – excuses

5(3) Shell suits – again

Since the last Bulletin we have received some more samples of material and replies from the sportswear manufacturers whom we contacted.

6(4) Old glass stills

Recently we heard a report of a glass still pot wearing so thin that it fell apart.

6(4) DIY video in biology

The use of an inexpensive camera mounted on a school-built stand for demonstrations at both the micro and macro scale is described.

10(8) First ionisation energies

The article for Higher Chemistry describes the use of two types of thyratron valve, in measuring the first ionisation energies of the inert gases argon and xenon. Experimental procedures are described and constructional details given.

Preparing COSHH Risk Assessments for Project Work in Schools 12

15(13) Opinion II


16(14) Portable appliance testers

In this article we report on portable appliance testers, which are used in maintenance tests on portable electrical apparatus. A description of the tests is included.

25(23) Grampian Op-amp Board

We have recently had in for evaluation an op-amp board from a company called J J M Electronics, newly formed by a Morayshire teacher.

26(24) Interfacing latest

OK, what’s red and into logging? No, not a Russian lumberjack but a new range of sensors from Unilab.

27(25) Opinion III

Ramblings – Cats and technology education

29(27) Index to Bulletins 160 – 169

33(31) SSERC (and other) Publications

SSERC Graphics Library 32

Bulletin 171 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Opinion

Ravings Again.

6(4) Introduction

Saturday Opening, Christmas closure, New status for SSERC, Strathclyde orders – delays, No comment.

6(4) Gas guidance

An overview is provided of current requirements for both the safe installation and the regular inspection and maintenance of gas supply systems in educational establishments.

9(7) Autoclave safety

Potential problems with some samples of an autoclave model manufactured by Dixons and sold by a number of the specialist educational suppliers.

10(8) Strain gauges

A family of four articles on strain gauges is presented. The first two are of general application and cover background theory and techniques for mounting. The third and fourth pieces describe specific educational uses – firstly for physics then for technological studies.

10(8) Introduction

12(10) Installation

15(13) Capturing impulse

20(18) Technology applications

23(21) Interfacing – First Sense

This article continues our series of updating reviews on commercial equipment and software for interfacing in science and technology education.

31(29) Surplus equipment offers

34(32) Technological Studies

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