Bulletin 155 Complete

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3(1) Opinion

In pursuit of the end of the rainbow

3(1) Introduction

ASE Scottish Region Annual Meeting, Cost Index, Ross & Lamont

4(2) Safety Note – Heat resistant cable for soldering irons

there is a chance that the hot tip will come into contact with the lead and burn  through the insulation.

4(2) Safety Note – Sulphur dioxide canisters

How to deal with corrosion.

5(3) Biology Notes – Practical investigations

5(3) Biology Notes – Sizing cells

We were sent recently an idea on measuring plant cells.

6(4) Biology Notes – Biotechnology news

The National Centre for School Biotechnology in Reading has published the first edition of its “Newsletter”

7(5) Electronic balances – a review

An article on weighing requirements in Scottish school science courses and a review of the models currently on the market.

19(17) Interfacing software for electronic balances – a review

Software packages for interfacing four popular makes of balance to the BBC micro’ were examined. However only three are reported on here because the fourth package gave much trouble.

24(22) Kynar Piezo Film – a novel transducer

Kynar Piezo Film is a new material which can be used for many types of transducer. Its piezo-electric property will convert a mechanical force into an electrical signal.

26(24) Force-time plots and measurement of impulse

The force-time transient exerted on a ball as it hits a surface can be investigated by letting the ball drop on Kynar Piezo Film.

34(32) Measurement of long wave infra-red radiation

Kynar Piezo Film is exceedingly sensitive to changes in temperature; it behaves as a reliable detector of long wave infra red radiation and can be used for quantitative measurement.

36(34) Surplus equipment offers

37(35) Trade News

Power supplies for electronics

Bulletin 156 Complete

3(1) Opinion

On learning outcomes

3(1) Introduction

Easter closure, Big bids from little acorns

4(2) Safety Note – AIDS and school science

The new Scottish Office publication, “AIDS: Guidance for Educational Establishments in Scotland”. be available in every Scottish school and college. We think it gives an excellent, balanced overview.

5(3) “Science teacher fined”

Teacher fined after explosion reducing copper oxide with hydrogen.

6(4) Biology Note – sizing cells –  a follow up

In Bulletin 155 we described an idea for a pupil investigation and set a simple problem. this was to use basic techniques in microscopy to estimate the average length and width of onion epidermal cells. We hinted at some solutions and promised to give more detail in this issue.

7(5) Chemistry Note – electrolysis

Lead electrodes have an advantage over the commonly used graphite electrodes in that the expected oxygen is indeed formed at the anode. Methods of making these and fitting them into cells of several designs are described.

12(10) Physics Note – to show that ordinary white light has an ultra violet component

If using an ordinary, broadband, white light source and conventional optics it is highly probable that the radiation coming from the source and transmitted through the optics will have a near ultra violet  component. We have recently tested this hypothesisand have found a simple means of demonstrating that this is so.

13(11) Resolution, and the human senses

The premise is that mans’ senses of seeing, hearing and feeling are logarithmic in nature, and that in general man can just distinguish between fractional differences of around 10%. This article is an adaptation of an idea seen in ‘The Physics Teacher’

13(11) Graphical symbols

The British Standards Institution (BSI) have recently revised their special publication on graphical symbols.

14(12) Thermistor circuits

We are having another look at the thermistor bridge from Bulletin 150 because we think it is an extremely useful little circuit.

15(13) Surplus equipment offers

Bulletin 157 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Editorial

Learning outcomes

4(2) Introduction

One short of a full load, energy conversions, Saturday morning closures, Comment, No Comment (Science Education)

6(4) Resource News

‘shooting your Beeb, Schools Affiliation Scheme, Salters’ Institute Awards

6(24) AIDS addenda

The Laboratory Safeguards Committee of the Association for Science Education (ASE) has published its own note in “Education in Science”

6(24) Disposable toothbrushes

Possible use of disposable toothbrushes and a supplier.

7(5) HSE publications

Two new publications which should be of direct interest to science advisers and safety officers and may prove useful to teachers as background material:

8(6) ‘National Grid’ experiments

HSE in Scotland has recently sent a circular to Scottish EAs with warnings and conditions relating to such demonstrations.

9(7) Biology Note – Zany energy conversions

An energy conversion series, unusual in a biological context is described, viz.: chemical energy – light – electricity – kinetic energy.

12(10) Chemistry Note – Peanut power – letting off steam

If all we need is a simple experience of the relatively large amounts of energy stored within a thing like a peanut then the following, more dramatic, illustration is a good one.

10(8) Chemistry Note – On fruit and fuel (light, luminescence and lemons)

Energy as a permeating theme of chemistry is briefly discussed. Three specific, and somewhat unusual, practical illustrations of energy conversions are described. (Chemiluminescence, Lemon Cell, Electrolytic fuel call)

17(15) Physics Note – Hydro power

Two designs of model  overshot water wheels are outlined. Two applications, one in generating electricity, the other in driving a pump, are described. A calculation of the efficiency in the first application is provided.

21(19) Trade News

Harris drop carriage charges, Get a ‘walkover’

21(19) Announcements

New Vela centre, New Napier degree, Biotechnology in the curriculum

Bulletin 158 Complete

The page numbers refer to the pages in the pdf. (The numbers in brackets are those given in the actual bulletin)

3(1) Opinion

Ionising radiations and the management of risk

4(2) Editorial

Hiccups, hiatus & hernias, Jam tomorrow?

5(3) Introduction

Double jeopardy, Saturday mornings, Cost index, Surplus offers: conditions of sale, No Comment, Comment

6(4) CLEAPSE Guides

We have recently received the following new or revised publications from our sister organisation CLEAPSE School Science Service.

6(4) VELA Booklet

Adrian Watt, of Edinburgh Academy and the Scottish VELA Users’ Group, has produced a small volume on “Demonstrations & Experiments using VELA”.

7(9) Ionising radiations – The element of risk

We have recently estimated by calculations the probable whole body doses resulting from typical practical sessions with school-type sources. These reveal the somewhat comforting news that likely doses are extremely small

10(8) Bunsen flame profiles

The temperature profiles flame are examined by the listed in ascending order of sophistication.

15(13) Amplifier for type K thermocouple

The type K thermocouple described in the Bunsen profile article has a sensitivity of about 40,p.V/°C. By applying the signal to an amplifier  with a gain of25 you can boost the sensitivity to 1 mV/°C

16(14) Radioactive decay experiments  using protactinium-234

The protactinium generator should be used as a substitute for the now prohibited Thoron generator for studying radioactive decay.

19(17) h.t. transmission lines

We have for some time been concerned that many teachers demonstrate the working of the National Grid at voltages which are potentially lethal.

21(19) Ring main models

A ring main model should show that if appliances are wired in parallel there can be an appreciable voltage drop across cables which transmit power from appliance to appliance. When the ring is made any voltage drop in cables becomes insignificant.

13(21) Jupiter

The present position and brilliance of’ Jupiter provide a good opportunity to start off pupils viewing the night sky.

24(22) Surplus Equipment Offers