SSERC Bulletin 276 Complete

Health and Safety

Breaking glass

A look at the hazards of glass in the laboratory or prep-room.

Working with radioactive materials – HSE inspections 

The Health and Safety Executive’s Field Operations Division is undertaking a programme of inspections across England, Wales and Scotland to see how schools manage the safe use and storage of the radioactive sources used in science teaching. Here’s what to do. 

Chemicals in Early Years settings and Primary schools

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Activities & Professional Learning

Our growing Brain 

A review of our British Science Week resource, “Our Growing Brain”, in partnership with STEM Ambassadors in Scotland. 

SSERC Professional Learning

List of upcoming secondary and technician courses from May 2022 to February 2023.  Including a brief description of new courses for 2022/23.   

High & Dry

Making a DIY desiccator for keeping chemicals dehydrated.

Newton’s Rings

Newton’s Rings experiment using an LED light source. As Low pressure Sodium lamps are increasingly more difficult to source, we look at using a yellow LED light source as an alternative. 

Q=CV capacitor experiment 

In response to a recent enquiry, we look at an experiment using a simple constant current source (LM334z) to show that Q=CV. 

Wider STEM Engagement

Activities for Young STEM Leaders to lead in Technologies

Nuffield Research Placements

Update on the Nuffield Research Placements programme, including evaluation from last year’s cycle. 

Spotlight on STEM Ambassadors

Highlighting STEM Ambassadors, what they have to offer and how to engage with them. 

Stem Engagement Calendar

List of upcoming events linked to the WSE programmes from SSERC.