SSERC Bulletin 275 Complete

Make ‘space’ for partnership working

A look at how an emerging partnership between SSERC and the Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust (ASSET) has potential to benefit space education to be benefit of learners in Scotland.

Investing in Volunteers

The STEM Ambassadors in Scotland team has achieved the IiV Award, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing our volunteersexperiences. 

STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week

Information, events and resources available for secondary practitioners from STEM Ambassadors in Scotland to celebrate STEM Ambassadors in Scotland Week 2022 

Nuffield Research Placements and ESERO-UK Space Champion

Our new STEM Enrichment Partnerships with Nuffield Research Placements and ESERO-UK have now been launched

Digital Xtra enabling digital creativity across Scotland

The Digital Xtra Fund is an opportunity for schools to receive financial assistance towards digital projects that can link closely with the Young STEM Leader Programme and the STEM Ambassador Programme 

Microbiology for BGE

The SSERC team has developed a trio of microbiological experiments suitable for BGE Science classes, incorporating important health and safety advice throughout. 

SSERC professional learning courses

List of upcoming secondary and technician courses from January to June 2022. 

Home and dry – drying agents in organic chemistry

After running into problems during an Advanced Higher practical, we decided to look into the drying of organic liquids and review the different agents that can be used. 

Investigating equipotentials and electric fields

We all love demonstrating electric fields with castor oil and semolina. However, this method using conductive plastic has the advantage of linking fields with equipotentials, leading to some quantitative work. 

Health and Safety


Meet the newest member of the team. 

Electrical Safety and PAT update

An update to inform you of the new equipment class introduced in IET 5th edition Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment : – CLASS 2(FE)

Mercury in projector bulbs

We have recently had a few reports of data projector bulbs exploding. Many of these contain mercury. We assess the risks and offer advice on how to reduce the likelihood and deal with the situation should it arise. 

SSERC Health & Safety poster

SSERC has produced a poster that you can download and display in your staff base, prep room or classroom. Here’s what we’ve done and why we’ve done it. 

Working with radioactive sources – risk assessment

Information on the newly available example operational radiation risk assessments SSERC has produced. These focus on the information and control measures that need to be considered by the user when performing standard school demonstrations with radioactive sources. Find out where to access them and how they should be used. 

Health & Safety section – complete