SSERC Bulletin 274 Complete

Adapting to Covid-19

It would be easy to concentrate on the negatives associated with the pandemic, but it has driven change that will help shape the new – and better – normal.

Shared sessions in SPARKvue

SPARKvue is Pasco’s application for collecting and analysing data from the company’s sensors.
It is not as powerful as their Capstone software but is free for IOS, Android and Chrome OS.
Versions are also available for PC and Mac operating systems, at a cost.

SSERC Accredited Centre Programme

Accessing meaningful, relevant professional learning is key to the ongoing professional learning of school technicians and teachers in Scotland. This can be a challenging endeavour, depending upon where you are located in the country. With this in mind, we have established the SSERC Accredited Centre Programme.

Heating effect of a current – a favourite demonstration

This safe, simple activity demonstrates the heating effect of an electric current. As a bonus, it can also be used to promote discussion on the topics of energy conservation and electric vehicles.

SSERC professional learning courses

A list of our upcoming professioal learning courses up to the end of March 2022.

Education Manager of Biology – Dr Annie McRobbie

An introduction to our new Biology specialist, taking up the reins after the retirement of Kate Andrews.

On the bleach

Some years ago, we published details of an experiment [1] to determine the rate and order of a reaction simply using the decolourising of blue food dye by household bleach. Since then, there have been various changes in formulations of food colourings by manufacturers so we thought it worthwhile revisiting what is a useful experiment.

STEM Ambassadors in Scotland

The next big STEM Ambassadors event is imminent: Maths Week Scotland (MWS) is a celebration of the importance of maths in our everyday lives.

5 activities for Young STEM Leaders to lead in the science classroom

If you are looking for some tried and tested activities for Young STEM Leaders (YSLs) to lead in the classroom then look no further.
Here is a summary of five engaging, enjoyable STEM activities that your YSLs can deliver to complete their STEM leadership hours.

Health and Safety

Hot and bothered

During the recent spell of hot weather, we have been receiving queries from concerned technicians about high temperatures in their chemical stores.

We also address the matter of leaving doors open to improve ventilation.