SSERC Bulletin 261 complete

Time to revisit the Schools Chips?

Using microchips for physics experiments and investigations

DIY molecular models

A series of activities using molecular models and instructions on how to carry these out with DIY versions made from plasticine or sweeties.

Wizard Genes re-visited

An update of the SSERC “Wizard Genes” experiment. With the general trend in replacing synthetic food dyes with more natural alternatives that don’t work, we have been looking for alternatives.

National 5 Biology assignment packs

2 Resource Packs, which could be used to support teachers and students in the implementation of the new National 5 Assignments. The two exemplars are: ‘Fertiliser and the growth of algae’ and ‘Limiting factors in photosynthesis’.

Manual screwcutting: the ins and outs

To help with the process of screwcutting threads on or into metal while working on practical metalwork coursework, we have put together this quick “one stop shop” guide. It contains need to know information on
cutting internal threads using taps.

Health and Safety

Back with the PSSR – revisiting the pressure regulations

An update on the testing of pressure equipment.

Soldering on

A summary of our advice on safe soldering