SSERC Bulletin 260 complete

That uncertain feeling

Considering the behaviour of classical waves can give us insight into phenomena usually considered to be quantum in nature. Here we use apps running on tablets to investigate classical uncertainty, then relate our findings to quantum physics.

Demonstration corner

An interesting and colourful autocatalytic reaction.

The Rolls-Royce Science Prize

An update on the Rolls Royce Science Prize and the successes of attendees on SSERC courses.

STEM Ambassadors

An introduction and guide to the STEM ambassadors scheme

SSERC professional development courses

An update on upcoming CLPL courses at SSERC over the next few months.

No escape from (Virtual) Reality

In virtual reality (VR), a computer is used to recreate a 3D environment that a user can interact with. At present, this is usually done with a special headset. Some have built-in screens, others, such as Google Cardboard, are just holders for smartphones. Some teachers are beginning to use the technology in lessons. Are there any safety issues that we should consider?

Health and Safety

Have a ripping time

An update on changes in working practices the position of the rip fence whilst rip cutting.

Lathe speeds and Tool Angles

Machining safely and correctly on the centre lathe commands a high degree of importance and the machine should have its speed set appropriately and tools at the correct angles. This article provides helpful guidance on working safely and successfully.