Join us for the last in a series of 6 Virtual Tech Meets.

The purpose of these sessions is to run informal online training/information sessions about various types of educational equipment that is brand new or accruing a lot of interest with educational suppliers. This will be facilitated through MS Teams.

This session will look at BMS Microscopes and some of the basic maintenance procedures you can perform yourselves..

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Future sessions will be advertised through the STAC group, the sserc website, the new Technician resource site Techné and the new Technician STEM bulletin which will be published in November/December.


19th May 2022 @ 3:30pm


School Technician/Teaching staff.


This course forms part of a suite online virtual technician sessions.



These sessions will be presented online via MS Teams.

When you apply for a session you will be added to the Team to allow you to access the session.