The free, open-source Tracker software package, written by Doug Brown of Cabrillo College, has been a favourite of ours at SSERC for over a decade.  Tracker is many-faceted, but at its core is the ability to analyse video and still images. Students working at home could perform meaningful practical work using the application. Recently, it has become possible to run Tracker in a browser.

In this free course we will show you how to:

  • Install Tracker or run it in a browser
  • Analyse linear and rotational motion, creating graphs
  • Analyse still images, for example Newton’s Rings and a Double Slits experiment
  • Model exoplanet detection

We will supply sample videos and images though we suspect you will enjoy creating and analysing your own.

We reckon you will spend around a day, spread over several weeks if you prefer, on studying and carrying out activities. When you are finished (and before the submission date shown below), we’ll ask you to send us an example of something you’ve done. We’ll then ask you to evaluate the course. When that’s complete, we will send you a participation certificate.

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Apply by 22nd March 2021

Send us your assignment by 31st March 2021

Cost: £0

Applying for this course is no longer possible as the closing date has passed.

Please email us at if you would still like to register your interest.