Do your students have access to Apple or Android devices, netbooks or Chromebooks?

There are apps out there that allow you to do practical physics. This self-study course covers activities such as:

  • Take a video of a moving object, analyse it and generate motion graphs
  • Demonstrate sound engineering and noise cancellation
  • Access your device’s internal sensors, make and record measurements
  • Investigate the Doppler effect and even the uncertainty principle
  • Create animations

Many of the tasks could be adapted for your students to carry out at home.

This is a ‘pick and mix’ course – you can choose the activities you want to pursue. We’re not expecting you to have an in-depth look at an Android motion analysis package if your school has given every student access to an iPad, for example.

We reckon you will spend around a day, spread over several weeks if you prefer, on studying and carrying out activities. When you are finished (and before the submission date shown below), we’ll ask you to send us an example of something you’ve done. We’ll then ask you to evaluate the course. When that’s complete, we will send you a participation certificate.

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Apply by 22nd March 2021

Send us your assignment by 31st March 2021

Cost: £0

Applying for this course is no longer possible as the closing date has passed.

Please email us at if you would still like to register your interest.