This is a two-part online course for those who want to refresh their knowledge of working safely and staying the right side of the law in the area of radioactivity. Sessions take place between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock on consecutive Wednesdays.

Participants will log in to our ‘Meet’ on the two evenings when the course is run. They will watch a live presenter and interact via a chat pod.

There will be an optional self-study element for those wishing more guidance on carrying out practical work.

Dates: 1st & 8th March 2023

Closing Date: 10th February 2023



Secondary science teachers and technicians


This course is for those who would like to update their knowledge on working safely with radioactive materials. It also covers the legal aspects, including leak testing.

Course Leader

Gregor Steele
01383 626070




  • Learn how to work safely with the types of radioactive materials used in school science departments
  • Learn the legal requirements for keeping and using radioactive materials in school science departments

Why Should You Attend?

One of the main reasons to attend this course is to refresh knowledge of working with radioactive materials. Participants may well have attended a full day SSERC course on the subject some time in the past, and now feel the need for a refresher.


Session 1: legal requirements (Part 1)
Safe handling

Session 2: legal requirements (Part 2)
How to leak test


2 online sessions

Online SSERC meet.