This session is designed to offer attendees hands on experience to free block based coding languages and will demonstrate how to incorporate computing concepts throughout the primary curriculum and enhance pupils’ progress in a range of subjects. Gain access to a wide range of free resources to support planning for learning and assessing progress in the Technologies – Computing Science.

Date: 3rd November 2020


Mainly Primary, but open to Secondary.


Attendees will use coding and programming software to design and create their own games and solve problems using a range of block based coding environments. This course will introduce and explore the use of superb tools like Scratch and how this can integrate with companion devices.

Attendees will gain hands on experience with Mini Drones, Dash and Dot Robots, the versatile Sphero robot and key pieces of hardware including the Microbit.

Course Leader

Darren Grant



The course will be accessed through Once your attendance is confirmed you will be issued with log in details to access the course.