Join us  for experiential hands on STEM activities that can easily be transferred to your own school.

Programme includes :-

Rocks – focus upon the identification of different types of rocks, examine real rock samples and compare the properties of the different rocks that surround us. We will explore a range of resources from different sources

Journey from the centre of the earth – consider ways to research the structure of our planet and provide ideas for practical activities to model

ChoccyRockyDoDah! – providing ideas for modelling the formation of rocks, the rock cycle and properties of rocks using some familiar foods.

Space to Learn – providing a range of ideas and practical activities to support learners as they find out about the solar system and beyond. Resources will enable you to evaluate different methods for modelling our solar system and provide ideas for exploring further.

Straight back down to Earth – focussing upon the identification of different types of soils, examine and classify soil types and compare soil properties.

Life on Earth – linking together practical ideas for exploring soils & gardening and will encourage learners to engage with local wildlife.

The course will be spread over 2 days 4th and 5th March 2022, running from 9.30am – 5.30pm at SSERC HQ.

Dates: Friday 4th & Saturday 5th March 2022

Closing Date: Tuesday 1st February 2022


This course is designed for Primary Teachers.


This exciting remote professional learning practical course provides the opportunity for you to try out a wide range of engaging STEM activities and to consider how they can be transferred to your own setting.

Course Leader

The Early Years and Primary Team


This course costs £400 and includes all course materials and refreshments. Accommodation is included if required.


Local authority schools qualify for an ENTHUSE bursary of £320 from STEM Learning towards the cost of this course.

Any further information required please email

Why Should You Attend?

SSERC staff will guide you through the activities which are designed to promote knowledge and understanding as well as providing great ideas for practical STEM.


This course will be delivered at SSERC HQ Dunfermline on Friday 4th March & Saturday 5th March 2022. This is face-to-face course features a series of hands on experiential professional learning workshops across the two days. All activities are linked to CfE and demonstrate how STEM can be utilised as a context for learning.

As part of the course funding, delegates will be offered overnight accommodation at a local hotel if required.

All information relating to this course, along with course terms and conditions, will be explained in detail during the application process.

Applicants will receive communication from SSERC to enable them to complete the STEM Learning bursary application process.

Payment from the delegate’s setting will be invoiced prior to the course starting.

Bursary payments are normally made to the delegate’s setting around 6 weeks after the course is completed.

This course will take place at SSERC HQ, Dunfermline, Fife KY11 8UU