Get your hands on a range of marvellous magnetic resources during this live, professional learning twilight workshop. We will explore magnetic forces and the use of vocabulary surrounding magnetism, as well as progression though early, first and second levels.  This interactive session will enable you to use the high-quality resources provided to construct simple models and games.

We will make use of recycled materials where possible. The ideas and resources can easily be transferred to your setting and support teaching and learning in STEM subjects across early years and primary. This SSERC Meet is provided at no cost to the setting.

Curriculum for Excellence links:

  • Through everyday experiences and play with a variety of toys and other objects, I can recognise simple types of forces and describe their effects. SCN 0-07a
  • By investigating forces on toys and other objects, I can predict the effect on the shape or motion of objects. SCN 1-07a
  • By exploring the forces exerted by magnets on other magnets and magnetic materials, I can contribute to the design of a game. SCN 1-08a
  • I have collaborated in investigations to compare magnetic, electrostatic and gravitational forces and have explored their practical applications. SCN 2-08a
  • Through creative play, I explore different materials and can share my reasoning for selecting materials for different purposes. SCN 0-15a
  • Through exploring properties and sources of materials, I can choose appropriate materials to solve practical challenges. SCN 1-15a
  • I explore ways to design and construct models. TCH 0-09a
  • I can design and construct models and explain my solutions. TCH 1-09a
  • I can extend and enhance my design skills to solve problems and can construct models. TCH 2-09a
  • I explore everyday materials in the creation of pictures/models/concepts. TCH 0-10a
  • I can recognise a variety of materials and suggest an appropriate material for a specific use. TCH 1-10
  • I can recognise basic properties and uses for a variety of materials and can discuss which ones are most suitable for a given task. TCH 2-10a



Dates: Thursday 30th September 2021

Closing Date: Thursday 9th September 2021

If you experience any difficulties accessing the online booking then please email us at


This course is designed for Early Years Practitioners and Primary Teachers.


This exciting remote professional learning course provides the opportunity for you to try out a wide range of engaging STEM practical activities and to consider how they can be transferred to your own setting.

Course Leader

The Early Years and Primary Team


This course comes at no cost to the school.

Why Should You Attend?

SSERC staff will guide you through the activities which are designed to promote knowledge and understanding as well as providing great ideas for practical STEM.


This course will be delivered live via Microsoft Teams 3:45pm – 5:00pm on Thursday 30th September 2021. All information for this course, along with expectations, will be explained in detail during the application process.

It is expected that if you are successful in gaining a place on this course that you attend live as well as completing the pre, post and follow up evaluations.

This course will be delivered remotely, via Microsoft Teams, with a link being provided ahead of the course being delivered.