Part 1: – 23rd February 2024 (face to face at SSERC)

Part 2: – 22nd March 2024 (MS Teams – afternoon online session)

This introductory course will provide the foundations for using Sphero Bolt in your setting, covering all of the basic functions of the Bolt and how to embed Computing Science concepts and approaches into your teaching. We will begin the course with a face-to-face, full day session at SSERC, getting hands on with the Sphero Bolt and using block-coding via the Sphero Edu app to program it. We will also consider the online resources available to enhance the delivery of Sphero Bolt sessions within your setting, and how this resource can be used to enhance cross-curricular learning.

There will then be a self-study gap task element to the course, followed by a final afternoon live remote session to feedback and reflect on your journey with the Bolt.

When you have completed this course, you will also be eligible to apply for Sphero Bolt loan kits as part of our SSERC Lending Library service, in order to expand the use of this resource in your setting.

Meet Sphero BOLT

Fully programmable and highly advanced, Sphero BOLT was designed for learners of all ages. BOLT fosters a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles—all through play-based learning. Packed with plenty of programmable sensors and a colorful LED light matrix, Sphero BOLT is paving the way for the next generation of coders. With BOLT students can:

  • Display custom graphics and real-time data with BOLT’s 8×8 programmable LED matrix and let your creativity shine through  
  • Equipped with advanced robot sensors that you can program and use to learn more about robotics – including a compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and light sensor
  • Play educational games, create your own and learn how to code through hands-on play and STEAM activities
  • program with draw, block, and text languages on any type of computing device

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Closing Date: 26th January 2024