We were delighted to welcome Kevin Reid as our newest member of the SSERC team on the 4th January 2021.  Kevin is our Digital Skills specialist within the Early Years and Primary Education team.  Kevin’s bio can be found below.

I began my journey in education in 2007 with the initial stages of my career as a class teacher providing me with an excellent overview of the BGE, and the practical experience of teaching from Early to Second level. Thereafter I undertook several Acting DHT roles to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of the educational landscape. My management experience helped cement my passion for supporting others and leading training, steering me to join and subsequently manage the PKC Apple RTC; providing digital professional learning authority wide. Due to my passion for technology and dedication to CLPL I was then offered the opportunity to teach Technologies across all stages as an RCCT teacher, as well as fostering engagement within the school and wider community in a technology development role.

Throughout my career I have been aware of the role of SSERC as a centre of excellence in promoting STEM, and was constantly monitoring opportunities to join their Early Years and Primary Team in a digital capacity. The culture, the environment and the passion for leading learning has been very clear to me from the outset of my time working at SSERC and I am excited to be part of cultivating the SSERC digital presence in early years and primary settings across Scotland.

In my role I will strive to encourage others to follow my passion, and experience the immense impact that STEM subjects can have on young learners; promoting a host of essential skills and personal qualities, as well as helping prepare them for the future in an ever changing digital landscape. Through creating engaging and relevant courses around digital skills and computer science, I aim to encourage delegates to further their professional development in order to improve outcomes for learners within their classes and school communities. I aim to inspire continued engagement and learning through developing a community of support to nurture confidence, enthusiasm and expertise in the areas of digital skills and computer science.

At SSERC I am appreciating the opportunity to enhance my own professional learning and to support others in theirs, so I encourage you to please reach out, whether as an authority, school, group or individually, if you have any questions or queries I can help with.