Spillage Kit Contents

  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • Appropriate disinfectant e.g.Virkon (pre-weighed powder), clear phenolic (concentrated liquid) e.g. Stericol, Hycolin, Clearsil in a bottle marked with a dilution line
  • Disposable cloths or paper towels for soaking with disinfectant and applying to spill
  • A small plastic dustpan and paper towels
  • Autoclavable plastic tongs
  • An autoclavable waste disposal bag

To deal with a small scale spill

  1. Wear a lab coat, disposable plastic gloves and use eye protection.
  2. Cover spillage with paper towels.
  3. Dilute the disinfectant to the recommended concentration.
  4. Pour a ring of freshly made up disinfectant around the spill and over the paper towels covering the spill.
  5. Leave for at least ten minutes.
  6. Using paper towels, sweep the debris on to the plastic dustpan.
  7. Using tongs if necessary, place the debris into an autoclavable disposal bag (broken glass should be placed in a separate solid autoclavable container or ‘double-bagged’).
  8. Autoclave the debris.
  9. Place in a bin bag and dispose of with domestic waste.
  10. Autoclave the dustpan and tongs. If not autoclave safe, immerse in freshly prepared 1% Virkon or clear phenolic disinfectant such as Stericol (at the recommended dilution) for at least 24 hours.