SSERC Bulletins are listed on the left-hand menu, first by year and then by numerical order. The most recent Bulletins are shown below. We have now made all of the Bulletin content from SSERC’s 50 year history available in electronic form i.e. in individually searchable PDF form. However, although you can search within the text of early PDFs you cannot search for that text via the site Search engine as yet. All of the contents titles are available to search.

As of June 2014, all bulletins older than 1 year will be open access so you will not need to log in to find things.

NOTE :- When following health & safety or equipment advice you should be aware of when the advice was published e.g. Bulletins from a number of years ago will only contain advice that was applicable at that time  For up-to-date advice concerning health & safety please follow the links advised in Health & Safety on the Main Menu. If you are at all unsure please contact SSERC.

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