Articles for submission.

We are proud of both our digital STEM Bulletins which are published three times per year via the SSERC website; STEM Bulletin and Early Years and Primary STEM Bulletin. Recent issues can be located at Bulletins

We have an exciting opportunity for external organisations and our colleagues in education to contribute to either of the bulletins to further enhance their appeal and diversity of content.

We are keen to explore the opportunity of accepting articles which are focussed on STEM education and training. Articles which encourage practical STEM activities will be particularly welcomed. External articles will be hosted in a separate section of either the STEM Bulletin or the Early Years and Primary STEM Bulletin. SSERC will decide which items to publish based on careful review of each submission. This is a free opportunity. For more information and our terms and conditions for article submission please contact

Both of our bulletins are published three times per year, with all six publications being seen by over¹ 86500 educators and other professionals across Scotland and the UK (44500 from Scotland and 19000 rest of the UK and 23000 out-with the UK).

¹(figures from SSERC website analytics 1/4/20- 31/3/21)