titleHands off our vinegar!

Hands off our vinegar & group revision points 

You are a member of class 2G in Lernitol High School.  You and your friends are wondering if something might be wrong with the vinegar on your chips and burgers.  In truth, the vinegar from some Fast Food shops seemed OK but from others it seemed to have no flavour and bite.

Action is needed!  Wayne (‘Prof’) Walker has called an emergency meeting.   Spies have already been sent out to collect samples from the three Fast Food shops and a bottle of clear vinegar has been bought from a local supermarket.

Being good at chemistry, Wayne knew that vinegar contained an acid called acetic acid (also called ethanoic acid).

He said you could easily experiment to find out if  ‘Burgers2Go’,

‘Just Chips’ and  ‘FatMan’s Heaven’ were watering down their vinegar.

All you needed was to remember a few facts you had learned in chemistry about pH and neutralisation.  He is sure your science teacher will also help by giving you the chemicals and apparatus you would need.

Complete the Revision Points Sheet on pH, acids and neutralisation.  It may give you some ideas how you might carry out an experiment to see if any of the Fast Food shops have been cheating on the vinegar.

Vinegar cheats - Find out if anyone is watering down the vinegar [PowerPoint]

Vinegar Experiment Methods
(with hints) - 1 ,  2 

Experiment Notes
- 1 ,  2 

Experiment Planners
-  1 ,  2 

Results Sheets - 1-Alkali ,  2-Chalk 

Writing your Report             Final Report (blank) 

Teacher/Technician Guide for Vinegar and Chalk Experiments  - includes specimen answers,equipment recommendations and model risk assessment.

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