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Level Three
SCN 3-01a I can sample and identify living things from different habitats to compare their biodiversity and can suggest reasons for their distribution.

Brine shrimps
Sampling and distribution

SCN 3-02a I have collaborated on investigations into the process of photosynthesis and I can demonstrate my understanding of why plants are vital to sustaining life on Earth.


SCN 3-02b    
SCN 3-03a Through investigations and based on experimental evidence, I can explain the use of different types of chemicals in agriculture and their alternatives and can evaluate their potential impact on the world’s food production.  Chemicals in agriculture
SCN 3-04a I can use my knowledge of the different ways in which heat is transferred between hot and cold objects and the thermal conductivity of materials to improve energy efficiency in buildings or other systems.

Solar funnel cooker

SCN 3-04b By investigating renewable energy sources and taking part in practical activities to harness them, I can discuss their benefits and potential problems.

Dye sensitised solar cells
Power from the wind

SCN 3-05a By contributing to experiments and investigations, I can develop my understanding of models of matter and can apply this to changes of state and the energy involved as they occur in nature.

Salt volcano


SCN 3-05b I can explain some of the processes which contribute to climate change and discuss the possible impact of atmospheric change on the survival of living things.  Climate change: Are plants the answer?
SCN 3-06a By using my knowledge of our solar system and the basic needs of living things, I can produce a reasoned argument on the likelihood of life existing elsewhere in the universe.  Waste of space
SCN 3-07a By contributing to investigations of energy loss due to friction, I can suggest ways of improving the efficiency of moving systems.  
SCN 3-07b    
SCN 3-08a I have collaborated in investigations into the effects of gravity on objects and I can predict what might happen to their weight in different situations on Earth and in space. Moving water
SCN 3-08b    
SCN 3-09a Having measured the current and voltage in series and parallel circuits, I can design a circuit to show the advantages of parallel circuits in an everyday application.

Clowning around with switches


SCN 3-09b    
SCN 3-09c    
SCN 3-10a I can help to design simple chemical cells and use them to investigate the factors which affect the voltage produced.

Salt & battery
Coca cola powered clock

SCN 3-10b    
SCN 3-11a By exploring the refraction of light when passed through different materials, lenses and prisms, I can explain how light can be used in a variety of applications.

About face
DIY lightbox
DVD spectroscope

SCN 3-11b By exploring radiations beyond the visible, I can describe a selected application, discussing the advantages and limitations.

See the heat with thermochromic sheet
uv beads and sun awareness

SCN 3-12a I have explored the structure and function of organs and organ systems and can relate this to the basic biological processes required to sustain life.  
SCN 3-12b I have explored the role of technology in monitoring health and improving the quality of life.  
SCN 3-13a Using a microscope, I have developed my understanding of the structure and variety of cells and of their functions.


SCN 3-13b I have contributed to investigations into the different types of microorganisms and can explain how their growth can be controlled.

Toilet tissue challenge

SCN 3-13c I have explored how the body defends itself against disease and can describe how vaccines can provide protection.  
SCN 3-14a I understand the processes of fertilisation and embryonic development and can discuss possible risks to the embryo.  
SCN 3-14b I have extracted DNA and understand its function. I can express an informed view of the risks and benefits of DNA profiling.  
SCN 3-14c    
SCN 3-15a I have developed my knowledge of the Periodic Table by considering the properties and uses of a variety of elements relative to their positions.  
SCN 3-15b Having contributed to a variety of practical activities to make and break down compounds, I can describe examples of how the properties of compounds are different from their constituent elements. Burning magnesium
SCN 3-16a I can differentiate between pure substances and mixtures in common use and can select appropriate physical methods for separating mixtures into their components.

 (Son of) Flash chromatography
Water, water everywhere

SCN 3-16b I have taken part in practical investigations into solubility using different solvents and can apply what I have learned to solve everyday practical problems.

Wash bag chemistry
Fun with forensics

SCN 3-17a Through evaluation of a range of data, I can describe the formation, characteristics and uses of soils, minerals and basic types of rocks. Rocks and minerals
SCN 3-17b I can participate in practical activities to extract useful substances from natural resources.

Lip balm
Rocks to riches
(Son of) Flash chromatography

SCN 3-18a Having taken part in practical activities to compare the properties of acids and bases, I have demonstrated ways of measuring and adjusting pH and can describe the significance of pH in everyday life.

Bubble bomb
Copper capers
Red cabbage indicator
Vinegar cheats
Rainbow reaction
pH flowers

SCN 3-19a Through experimentation, I can identify indicators of chemical reactions having occurred. I can describe ways of controlling the rate of reactions and can relate my findings to the world around me.

Vitamin C drops
Vinegar cheats
Rhubarb, Rhubarb
Light sticks
Bleaching blue food dye

SCN 3-19b I have helped to design and carry out practical activities to develop my understanding of chemical reactions involving the Earth’s materials. I can explain how we apply knowledge of these reactions in practical ways.  
SCN 3-20a I have collaborated with others to find and present information on how scientists from Scotland and beyond have contributed to innovative research and development.  
SCN 3-20b Through research and discussion, I have contributed to evaluations of media items with regard to scientific content and ethical implications.

Hand warmers


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