In common with the majority of providers of professional development in SSERC we invite participants to complete evaluations of each and every course which we offer.


Primary and Secondary Provision.  In October 2017 we undertook a survey of participants on all SSERC CPD courses which have been held since August 2011 and the summary data is available here.  We are grateful to all those who took the time to complete the survey and provide us with a rich source of information.  We will be reflecting on the comments received and use these as we plan for the future.


Primary Cluster Programme.  The independent evaluation of the SSERC Primary Cluster Programme in Science and Technology (April 2012 - June 2016) is now available for download. For the first time, the report includes findings from pupil surveys.  SSERC is delighted with the extremely positive review of its activities which the team from the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change at the University of Glasgow have highlighted in their report. During the period April 2012- March 2017, we have worked with 26 Local Authorities and with on-going support from the Scottish Government we will be able to work with the remaining 6 Local Authorities in the period April 2017 to March 2018.


In addition to internal evaluation much of our professional development provision is subject to review and scrutiny by a number of external agencies. In 2011 The Scottish Council for Research in Education at the University of Glasgow published a comprehensive review of SSERC’s activities :-

SSERC's Support for Science Education in Scotland through CPD

Major reviews of science education continue to cite the work of SSERC as being of high-quality (Donaldson (2010), The Royal Society (2010) and The Royal Society (2011)). With the increase in the range and number of professional development opportunities which we offer, the role of SSERC is effectively that of a Science Learning Centre. Indeed, the Science and Engineering Education Advisory Group (SEEAG) in its recent report (2012) states that:


SSERC already acts as a national STEM learning centre for Scotland, with the potential and scope to develop further and play an enhanced role in supporting the additional and ongoing demands that are arising during the implementation of CfE, supporting primary science, interdisciplinary science and the increased demands of teachers that will arise during introduction of the new qualifications.


SEEAG recommends:


‘Building on the proven success and large scale of SSERC’s work, delivered with support from Local Authorities and the Scottish Government, it is recommended to the Scottish Government that SSERC, working with partner organisations and linked to the NSLC in York, becomes Scotland’s national science learning centre, with enhanced provision to deliver a wider range of support for STEM teaching and learning.’



SSERC is proud of the collaborative nature of its professional development work and in this regard has close links with a range of national organisations including the Scottish Technicians Advisory Group, the Scottish Science Advisory Group, the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, the Institute of Physics in Scotland, The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Society for Biology, The Society for General Microbiology, The Scottish Earth Science Education Forum, the Association for Science Education in Scotland, the HE sector in particular through our work with all the Initial Teacher Education Institutes, Education Scotland, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the National STEM Learning Centre and the Science Centres in Scotland.


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