Researching Physics (H)

In this Unit candidates will develop the key skills necessary to undertake research in physics and demonstrate the relevance to everyday life by exploring the physics behind a topical issue. The Unit offers opportunities for collaborative and independent learning set within the context of an evaluation of scientific issues. Candidates will develop skills associated with collecting and synthesizing information from a number of different sources. Equipped with a knowledge of standard laboratory apparatus, they will plan and undertake a practical investigation related to the topical issue. Candidates will prepare a scientific communication, presenting the aim, results and conclusions of their practical investigation. This Unit is suitable for candidates who are interested in pursuing a physics related career, as well as those whose interest is more general.

Outcome 1

Research the physics underlying a topical issue to a given brief.

Performance Criteria

(a) Obtain and record information from suitable sources relating to focus questions from a given brief.
(b) The sources of information selected and recorded are identified.


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